Immaculate Car Detailing

You purchased your car to enjoy day in and day out, don't sacrifice your time to care for it.


Car Detailing with optional Ceramic Coating

Remember the first time you saw your vehicle? How would would you feel to see the same car shine and look like it was brought of the showroom floor that same day you purchased it? You deserve to have your car look new again.

Our prompt communication back and forth to you along with our attention to detail on your vehicle is not taken lightly.  Our team truly specializes in car detailing in the Topeka and Lawrence area.


As part of our exceptional detailing services, we now provide ceramic coatings to vehicles which includes the following:

  • 1

    Adds to your vehicle value and it even becomes a part of the CARFAX report

  • 2

    Replaces need for polishing

  • 3

    Can be done while you are on an overnight trip


Our Car Detailing Services Include:

Vehicle Detailing:

  • 1

    Exterior Wash

  • 2

    Interior Detail

  • 3

    Leather Conditioning and Restoration

  • 4

    Paint Correction and Wax

  • 5

    Ceramic Coating

  • 6

    Carpet Extraction

  • 7

    Headlight Restoration

  • 8

    Glass Polishing

  • 9

    Engine Wash

  • 10

    Ink Stain Removal

  • 11

    Wheel and Tire Wash

  • 12

    Interior Ceramic Coating

  • 13

    Glass Ceramic Coating

  • 14


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